The Stunning 17 Kilometer Scenic Coastal Area in Hsinchu, Taiwan 

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17 Kilometer Scenic Coastal Area

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Hsinchu, officially known as Hsinchu City
(Chinese: 新竹市), is a city in northern Taiwan.
It is popularly nicknamed “The Windy City” (Chu Chien) for its windy climate. Hsinchu is administered as a provincial city within Taiwan.

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Longing for a bike ride and haven’t decided where to go this weekend?

The 17 Kilometer Scenic Coastal Area is waiting to be included in your itinerary.

This strikingly beautiful bike trail stretches from Nangang Hsinchu to Nanliao Village.

The collaboration of three Southeast Asian countries Japan, South Korea and Taiwan resulted in the materialization of this project.

windmill in shangshan

Starting Point of the 17 Kilometer Scenic Area


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This scenic coastline boasts an abundance of leisure activities and diverse ecological resources that attract both local and international tourists.

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The incumbent Mayor Lin Chih-chien 林智堅 Lín Zhìjiān recently decided to further improve the project.

As of this writing, Siangshan Crab Viewing Area and the Nangang Birdwatching Ecological Park will combine with the existing fishing port, beaches, Nangang Canal, Mangrove Forest, Siangshan Wetland, and the Southern Tip Sand Dunes, forming a completed 17 Kilometer Scenic Coastal Area.

An informative sign at Shiangshan Wetland


17 Kilometer Scenic Coastal Area

Behind the sand dunes is the wetland.

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16 Kilometres more to explore.


One of the five bridges along the 17-kilometer path.


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The Harp Bridge

That is the famous Harp Bridge. Here, you can witness photographers on the other side of the bridge at dusk, where everyone patiently anticipates for the sunset hoping to have a beautiful and clean shot of the setting sun.

17 Kilometer Scenic Coastal Area

A large rock at the Shiangshan Wetland.


In front of this informative large rock is the Shiangshan Wetland.

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During low tide, people actually come here to gather clams (“tulya” in Filipino).

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There are also vendors here that offer beverages and grilled squids.

You can also find parking spaces and nearby restrooms here.

An elevated viewing deck at Shiangshan Wetland.


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A very straight path at Shiangshan


A biker riding on a trail shaded by Balete trees. I call this part, “The Balete Drive”.


If you’d prefer to explore the 17 Kilometer Scenic Coastal Area by summer, then don’t forget to wear sunblock or shades. Majority of the area has no shade at all. The previous image is the only point where the path is actually shaded by trees.

A mouth of a river that eventually leads to Taiwan Strait.


Wood debris that is washed off with the coast. Some are bamboos that I guess were once part of rafts or perhaps were once used as outriggers for small boats.


A red cycling lobster, I reckon.

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It’s a windy day and that is what makes the water a bit wavy.


The Hsinchu Refuse Resource Recovery Plant is in the background.


A large fish statue which marks The Seaview Park.


Kanhai Park.

Loveboat sign in the17 Kilometer Scenic Coastal Area

The Loveboat Sign

That is the Loveboat Sign at the Seaview Park. There used to be bikes for rent here. At the back is a restroom (not shown). People prefer swimming here. Photographers even do photo shoots in this area.

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Kanhai Park used to be the place where ashes were dumped from the city’s garbage incinerator. The ground level here is a bit steep because the ashes were buried here. Over time, it added up and eventually formed what is now known as “The Kanhai Park”. Now, its lawn is beautifully covered with grass and is a great place to view the ocean and of course, the wonderful sunset. It is now one of the cornerstone points of the 17 Kilometer Scenic Coastal Area.

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Bike Rentals Shop near Hsinchu Harbor


A typical four-seater bike.


If you’re planning to commute instead of carrying your bike with you, then that’s okay. There are actually many types of bicycles here that are for rent. Some are even battery-powered.

Refer to the images above.

Bikes for rent are also available upon getting off at Nanliao  Bus Station.

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Bikes for rent in the 17 Kilometer Scenic Coastal Area

Bikes for rent in Nanliao


Parking Space is not a problem here.


Small Fishing Boats are currently docked at Nanliao Harbor


Larger fishing boats are docked beside the Hsinchu Fish Market (left).


The Nanliao Tourist Information Center


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Nanliao Tourist Spot is currently under improvement. Notice the backhoe on the right. But restaurants are still open, and yes you can still visit this place.

The Hsinchu Fish Market in Nanliao 南寮觀光漁市


Stunning sunset at Kanhai Park. I captured this when I was about to head back home.


Google maps coordinates (Nanliao)

Google maps coordinates (Shangshan/Xiangshan Wetlands)

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Kanhai Park, Hsinchu, Taiwan

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Updated on January 27, 2018.


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