Drone Insurance a.k.a DJI Care Refresh

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Drone Insurance for my DJI Mavic Air

Drone Insurance a.k.a DJI Care Refresh

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*this doesn’t cover the lost ones. You have to retrieve the drone by all means!

How important is drone insurance for your DJI drone? Very important! Well, that’s according to my experience.

I purchased my Mavic Air last October and it worked flawlessly. Upon online registration, DJI sent me this email asking if I would like to avail of this drone insurance in exchange for a small amount (paid via PayPal), and I was hesitant at first but decided to avail of it eventually.

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‘You Don’t Know What You Have Until It’s Gone’

Avail of this DJI Care Refresh ASAP or you’ll be sorry.

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The Crash

On June 2019, I took with me my drone in Bitan Scenic Area (Taiwan) and took some decent footage with it. The crash took place upon using the feature ” Active Track”. Note that the Mavic Air doesn’t have sensors on its sides. I also didn’t have a spotter during that flight. What took it down? A branch of a tree!

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My Experience with DJI’s  Drone Insurance

After the crash, I contacted the DJI Customer Service and the assistance is satisfactory. They will guide you and will try to answer all your inquiries. Upon submission of your request, don’t forget to give them your Agreement Number (DJI Care Refresh). As for my case, I was referred to Hong Kong, for I think this is the nearest designated service center for Asia.

Next Step (in order to avail of this Drone Insurance)

I’m in Taiwan. What does that mean? That means that I am eligible for this drone insurance. Please note, that not all countries are qualified for this. I am also disqualified IF, I will be asking for a new drone while I am in another country(not Taiwan).

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What to do next?

The representative will now advise you to send your proof of purchase(picture). Then, you will be requested to send the drone directly to Hong Kong according to the address that he’s going to provide. You will be asked to send the drone itself, excluding batteries to avoid delays during transport.

What I did next?

I went to Family Mart (No. 442號, Nanya Road, Yingge District, New Taipei City, 239) and asked for the assistance of their friendly staff. I asked for UPS (United Parcel Service) and charged for NT 1,800.00 for the parcel’s handling and transport fee.

drone insurance shipping at family mart

The Family Mart @ Nanya Road. Two friendly women assisted me in filling up the form for UPS. Image courtesy of Google Maps.


Arrival in Hong Kong

It arrived in Hong Kong in less than 24 hours. Be patient. Mine took about four days before everything was approved (from customs to service center).

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DJI then informed me to pay the replacement fee which is NT 2,200.00 which I did thru PayPal.

NEW Drone Received!

DJI coordinated with E-Sentra in Taiwan and they sent me a sealed brand new Mavic Air via SF Express(free shipping). They also included a  brand new battery as well! How cool is that? ???



My Mavic Air’s video of the crash in Bitan:


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The first time replacement fee is TWD 2200, the second time replacement fee is TWD 3200.


Exclusions (source: DJI)

The service does NOT cover:

1) Lost or partially lost aircraft and accessories.

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2) Stolen or abandoned aircraft and accessories.

3) Damage caused by flight in unsuitable environments.

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4) The remote controller or any accessories mounted to your aircraft.

5) Deliberate losses.

6) Abrasions and shell damage that do not affect the performance of the aircraft.


7) Direct or indirect losses caused by force majeure.

8) Replacement requests out of DJI Care Refresh’s period of validity.

9) Extra fees resulting from technical enhancements or performance improvements.

10) Damage resulting from unauthorized circuit restructuring, or the use of incompatible batteries and charger.

11) Damage resulting from using under-charged or defective batteries.

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