How to Open an ATM Bank Account with Union Bank WITHOUT GOING TO THE BANK

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    How to Open an ATM Bank Account with UnionBank WITHOUT GOING TO THE BANK
    Do you need a bank account for your online business or just so you can save money but you don’t think it’s safe to go to the bank? I found out you can actually open an account online without paying anything and have the ATM Delivered to you via Mail. Below are the steps on how you can open your own account:
    1. Download the Union Bank Online App
    2. Click Open an Account
    3. Select Savings Account with Debit Card
    4. Select Personal Savings because this has no maintaining balance or other cards, just make sure to read the description of the card
    5. Card fee is 350 pesos per year but it’s FREE on the first year so you don’t have to pay anything upfront
    6. Fill up your information accurately
    7. Scan your Valid Government ids such as PRC, Passport, Driver’s License, UMID, Postal ID, or Passport
    8. Take a selfie
    9. Submit your application which will be subject to approval
    10. Once your account is approved, you need to wait 24 hours or more before you see the REQUEST A PHYSICAL CARD option when you log in to the app.
    ? They will send your ATM in a week or two via Mail.
    ? You can activate your card by logging in to the app once you receive it.
    ? You can use the ATM on any ATM Machine if you will use the same PIN code they sent you
    ? If you want to change the pin code, you need to do that on a Union Bank ATM Machine
    ? You can transfer money to and from your Gcash and the same with other bank accounts.
    Reminding everyone to please be cautious when doing transactions with people online. My recommendation is to go the app or contact Union Bank for your question para safe. Thank you!
    2. BAKIT MAY YEARLY CARD FEE NA 350? I think it’s because walang maintaining balance kaya may yearly fee. If you would read the fine print, it says there na the yearly fee can be waived if you maintain a balance of 10,000 on your account. Others would say na yung ibang bank does not have this fee pero just like what other people pointed out, other banks might be charging different fees such as withdrawal fees.
    3. BAKIT WALANG OPTION TO REQUEST A CARD? Wait po ng 24 to 48 hours from the time your account gets activated before lumitaw ung option to request a physical card on the app.
    4. BAKIT MAY ERROR? Baka dahil sa madami ang nagrerequest ngayon? ? Try natin bukas or after a few hours.
    5. WHY I THINK IT’S CONVENIENT? Kasi you don’t have to go to the bank. Wala kang babayaran upfront and if you have an online business, you can accept payment through your bank account and withdraw it sa ATM. Hindi mo na need mag money remittance or anything else.
    That’s it! For all other questions, please contact Union Bank.
    Just always remember to be careful dealing with online transactions and don’t give your passwords or pin codes to anyone.
    I hope that helps! ?
    Disclaimer: This is #notsponsored and I’m not from Union Bank so it’s best to contact them directly if you have any questions.
    #SharingisCaring lang ako


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