Yunhai Hot Spring + Taluowan River

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    Yunhai Hot Spring + Taluowan River(hot spring) (雲海溫泉、塔羅灣溪支流)雲海溫泉、塔羅灣溪支流
    Type: River Trace + Hot Spring + Camping
    Date: 12/7-8 Monday-Tuesday (PM me to join)
    Location: Nantou County
    PM me to join. Still 3 seats.Yunhai Hot Spring
    *About the river trace:
    Taluowan River has tons of hot spring sources. The two rivers for the first day and second day have their hot springs. We will river trace along the beautiful pools, visit beautiful waterfalls, do a few short rappelling and pass quite a few colorful rock walls.
    *Level: OK for beginners (I’ll send you some forms to fill out)
    Meeting at MRT Taipei Zoo Station, Exit 2, 12/6 night
    12/6:We will set off from Taipei and find accomodations on our way there.
    12/7:Visit Yunhai Hot Spring and camp at Jingying Hot Spring(精英溫泉)
    12/8:Visit the Tributary of Taluowan river for very beautiful walls & many hot springs.
    About the weather:
    In winter the rain from northeastern is basically blocked by Central Range. Tributary of Taluowan river is not too cold even in winter due to the filling of hot spring water. The event will cancel if the accumulation of rain is greater than 30mm whole day on Windy. Last date of announcement of cancellation will be 12/4.
    *Gas Fee: 1400NT each (total mileage 271km*2.5( winding mountain road) & round to hundred)
    *Other cost: Rope fee for wearing out, insurance for 2 days
    (!You need to deposit(local bank or Paypal) to reserve the seat before 12/2 or the seat will be reserved for those who deposit already; it is to protect the rights of all participants. If you drop or the river trace is canceled, I’ll give you full refund back(minus the transaction fee.)
    *Gear(Must):a helmet, a life jacket, river trace boots(FELT BOTTOM
    ONLY!), sleeping bag, mattress, headlamp
    Gear(Optional):snacks, wetsuit, goggles, harness, your insurance(can help you)
    *I have spare helmets, life jackets, headlamp, dry bags, sleeping bags, mattresses, tents and can lend you.
    *Participants are at their own risk and the organizers are not liable for any accidents, damage, mishaps or bad weather.
    *Only accept river trace boots with “felt bottom”. Won’t take you even you show up if the shoes are not qualified or you don’t have a helmet.
    *A life jacket is a must unless you are very good swimmer/ very experienced river tracer.
    *Not showing up or without proper gear mentioned will lead to getting blocked for 3 months.
    *If you have chronic or special disease as for cardiac disease, CVD, asthma, hemophilia, or other significant disease ., you can not participate in the activity.


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