Highland 405/Mt. Dadong Hiking Trail 大棟山登山步道 in Taoyuan, Taiwan

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Highland 405

Highland 405Highland 405/Mt. Dadong Hiking Trail 大棟山登山步道 in Taoyuan, Taiwan is a known destination for hikers, tourists and cyclists.
It is listed as one of the top 100 minor peaks in Taiwan and has a height of 405 meters above sea level. Taoyuan City, Shulin, Shanjia and Yingge can be viewed at the peak of this mountain.
Taipei 101 can even be spotted afar in a sunny day.
The stunning view attracts nature lovers, mountain climbers and photographers.
There are multiple routes in accesing this spot.
Highland 405 is located at 333, Taoyuan City, Guishan District, 兔坑里

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