Houli Flower Farm in Taichung

Houli Flower Farm in Taichung a.k.a. Zhong She Guanguang Flower Market

Houli Flower Farm is a delightful spot for photographers and nature lovers.


This roughly translates to “community sightseeing flower market”.






Pink tulips in Houli Flower Farm in Taichung, Taiwan.

Pink tulips in Houli Flower Farm with a windmill replica in the background.


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I think I’ll have to inform you…

you’re not in Holland. You’re in Taiwan! Yes, you’re reading it right. This astoundingly beautiful flower farm is located in Taichung. Flowers of many varieties can be found here.

It is undeniable that Tulips are the dominant species and are prominently cultivated. In fact, there are red, pink, white and other colors of Tulips that can be found here. So, if you’re fond of these, then you must visit this appealing place.


Houli Flower farm's entrance fee is 150 NT

Signage in Flower Farm Taichung conveying that the Entrance fee is 150 NT Dollars.



How to get to Houli Flower farm?

I’m living in Jhunan/Zhunan, so if you’re just nearby, then I’ll share with you some tips on how to easily get to this place.

I recommend grabbing yourself first an “Easycard” or Yoyo card such as this:

Easycard in Taiwan

This card is so handy in case of transportation. It can be used in buses and trains. You can even purchase goods and services using this one, as long as the establishment accepts it. This can be bought for 100 NT and can be loaded up to 10,000 NT at convenience stores such as 7-11, Hi-Life, OK mart, etc.



If you wish to travel by morning then I suggest that you’d rather take the THSR Shuttle Bus.

It departs from Zhunan Science Park by 15:50 and 06:20.

This bus only accepts Yoyo card, unlike in conventional ones that take coins/cash for fare.


THSR shuttle bus route

THSR Shuttle Bus Route in Zhunan 竹南鎮 Science Park.



The THSR/Taiwan High-Speed Railway Shuttle bus routes.

The THSR/Taiwan High-Speed Railway Shuttle bus routes.

Get off at Zhunan Train Station { (TRA Zhunan Station (East) }and board the (山 )Mountain Line Route. DO NOT take the Coastal Line Route or you’ll end up getting off at the wrong station.


Tip: This Chinese character ) means Mountain and is pronounced as ” Shān”.



Train Lines in Taiwan

The upper line is the Mountain Line and the lower one is the Coastal Line.


Next, get off at Houli Station and grab yourself a taxi. You can take the bus, but you have to locate Houli Elementary School first because that is where the bus stop is located.

Here’s a hint, taxis may charge you with extra if you’re going to visit during Chinese New Year.

Alternatively, I just recently discovered that you can get off at Tai’an Train Station too, though I’m not 100% certain if there are available Taxis that can readily fetch you up to Taichung Flower farm.


Anyway, try not to worry about food. They offer smorgasbord or an eat-all-you-can buffet inside! Quite suitable for families or for groups, ain’t it?

Or a grill/fry-all-you-can perhaps?

Dining area in Taichung flower farm.

Visitors dine in this eat-all-you-can area.


Taiwan Train.

Are you planning to bike all the way to Taichung Flower Farm? No problem. You can actually bring your bike with you inside this “local fast” Train. Just don’t forget to bring your bike bag with you just in case. Taiwan is a sanctuary for cyclists, actually. KOM or King of the Mountain Challenge annually takes place here.


Honey store inside Houli Flower farm.

Honey store inside Houli Flower farm.


Feast your eyes in Houli Flower Farm

Houli Flower Farm

Houli Flower Farm

Houli Flower Farm

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Houli Flower Farm

Houli Flower Farm

Houli Flower Farm

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Do you want more?

Personally visit and experience first-hand the aroma and soothing ambiance that this place has to offer.

It doesn’t hurt to satisfy your olfactory sense every once in a while.



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