Nanwei Impact Wrench (Honest and Short Review)

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Brand: Nanwei

Type: Brushless Impact Wrench Screw

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Diameter: 30

Power Supply Type: Rechargeable-Lithium Battery Technology

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Power Supply Voltage: 20V

Applicable Scope: Carpenter, Shelf Worker, Maintenance, Installation, etc.

Torque Range: 380 (nm)

No-load Speed: 3800rpm

Max Torque: 980N

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Handle type: Grip-type assembling and disassembling the maximum size of screw parts: 30 (mm)

Nominal size of square head: 12.5 (mm) Weight: 2 (kg)

Impact number: 1-3600 (ipm)

Drive shaft / chuck :12.5


Tightening capacity_Standard bolt: 30

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Tightening capacity_High-strength bolt: 26

Charging voltage range: AC single-phase above 110V and below 240V

Specifications: Lithium battery wrench

Nanwei review


The shop where I purchased.

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  1. Cheap.
  2. Fast shipping (within Taiwan). It only took three days to arrive.
  3. Good for personal use.
  4. Has enough torque to disassemble CVT assembly (clutch and variator). Please watch the video below for proof.
  5. Has enough battery storage.


I like this product. I’m happy and contented that it easily met what I was expecting for it to perform. It really can do the job that it is designed for. The scooter that is featured in the video is Kymco Jockey V2 (2011).


I highly recommend this product to DIYers like me. It will surely not disappoint you. This can also serve as a screwdriver/drill. I ordered the one with accessories. A battery and a charger are also included.

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more info in this link

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