17 Online Banking Safety Tips! (with Tagalog translations)

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Presented here are indispensable Online Banking Safety Tips.

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Updated on January 29, 2018

As a Computer Technician for 17 years, and as a Filipino, I am more than willing to impart my accumulated knowledge and experience for the sake of my Kababayans(countrymen) and for anyone that may find these tips helpful in regards to online banking. As Technicians, we don’t only deal with hardware. We also extensively tackle software, security and networking issues, as you might have initially guessed. Nevertheless, this is also due to the rampant incident that took place recently to the account holders of a certain bank in the Philippines, my homeland.

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Online Banking Safety Tips:

Safe online banking tip #1 – Banks never ask for your password/s! DO NOT reveal your password/s to Anyone! DO NOT GIVE OUT YOUR OTP(ONE TIME PASSWORD) TO ANYONE!  Ang mga bangko ay hindi kailanman hihingiin ang iyong password/s! HUWAG ibubunyag ang iyong password/s KAHIT KANINO! HUWAG NA HUWAG NINYO PONG IBUBUNYAG KANINUMAN ANG INYONG OTP(ONE TIME PASSWORD)! 

>Refrain from using public/rented computers when having online banking. Some (not all) of the public computers are not properly configured for maximum online security.  Iwasan ang gumamit ng mga pampublikong computers kung gagawa ng anumang hakbang na nauukol sa online banking. Iyong ibang (hindi lahat) pampublikong computer ay hindi wasto ang pagka-set up para sa maximum online security. Alam ba ninyong maaari silang mag-install ng keylogger na hindi nyo nalalaman? 

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>Download banking apps ONLY from Google Play or App Store. Google Play is owned by Google and you can be sure that online banking apps that are published in this company are all safe to install. Mag-download ng banking apps na galing LAMANG sa Google Play or App Store. Ang Google Play ay pagmamayari ng Google at tayo ay nakakasiguro na ang mga online banking apps na galing sa kanila ay safe i-install.

>Take advantage of these security features:
Multi-factor authentication (MFA)
Two-factor authentication (2FA)
Two-step verification or two-step authentication
Samantalahing gamitin ang mga security features na nailahad sa itaas.

>Uncheck UNKNOWN SOURCES in your phone settings to prevent unauthorized installation of harmful app/s in your phone. Do this by going to Settings->Lock screen & security->Unknown sources. I-uncheck ang UNKNOWN SOURCES sa inyong phone upang maiwasan ang unauthorized installation ng mga harmful app/s sa inyong phone. Sundin ang procedure sa taas.

>If you have a Personal Computer and you’re using it for online banking, then make sure that it is installed with a genuine OS and is regularly updated. Kung mayroon kang sariling computer na ginagamit sa online banking, then siguraduhin na tunay at hindi peke/pirated ang OS nito at dapat ay palagi ding updated.

>Ensure all your phone apps including your phone’s software are always updated. This also applies to PCs. Siguraduhing updated palagi ang phone apps, at kabilang na dito ang mismong phone’s software. Isaalangalang din ang PC at mga apps nito.

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Anti-virus, Anti-Malware and Firewall are recommended for safe online banking experience.

>Istall an antivirus for your PC and for your smartphone as well. For your PC , it’s recommended that you must have an anti-virus, an anti-malware and a firewall. Only one anti-virus software is recommended to be installed, to avoid slowing down your system. Update them and scan your PC/Phone regulary. Maglagay ng anti-virus  at anti-malware sa PC at smartphone. Isang anti-virus lang ay sapat na. Huwag mag install ng dalawa or higit pa upang hindi bumagal ang inyong computer/phone. Tignan ang mga download links sa itaas.


>Refrain from having online banking transactions through Wi-Fi especially in public hotspots. Install password also for your personal wireless router/portable hotspot. Iwasang magsagawa ng online banking transactions sa mga public Wi-Fi. Lagyan din ng password ang sariling wireless router/portable hotspot.

>Having hard-to-guess passwords is a must. (Example: 565Hk67Fgt98Jlkf) It’s also much better to have a screen lock on your phone. Mas maiging gumamit ng mga mahirap hulaang passwords. Inererekomenda ring lagyan ng screen lock ang phone.

>To avoid being victimized by skimming devices, it’s better to use ATMs that are located in places where security personnel are always present. Para maiwasang mabiktima ng skimming devices, piliing mag-withdraw sa mga ATM na palaging may bantay na mga security personnel.


>Report to your bank immediately all cases of any loss or in any unusual transactions received through e-mail. I-report agad sa inyong bangko kung nawalan ng pera or sa mga kahinahinalang transaction reports na natanggap sa e-mail.

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Phising is one of the primary methods of attackers in online banking frauds.

Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas info for safe online banking.

Vital info from the Central Bank of the Philippines for safer online banking. (used with permission)

>Beware of Phishing. This term derived from “fishing”. Attackers use emails as bait that are especially cloaked to appear as legitimate. Don’t hesitate to report to your bank any email that you suspect as unusual. Alamin ang Phising. Ito ay galing sa salitang ‘fishing”. Gumagamit ang mga attackers ng pekeng email(pain) para makapanloko. Huwag mag-atubiling i-report sa inyong bangko ang anumang kahinahinalang e-mail.

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>It’s much better not to reveal all your personal info online, especially birthdays and birthplace. Mas maiging huwag ibunyag ang lahat ng personal info online lalong-lalo na ang araw at lugar ng kapanganakan.

>DO NOT open suspicious or unsolicited emails! Delete them immediately. HUWAG io-open ang mga kahina-hinalang emails. Kung hindi familiar sa ‘yo ang email, mas mabuting i-delete mo na siya kaagad. Maaring galing yan sa isang phishing site or isa siyang virus.

>*Always pay attention to the Address Bar. Make sure that the website you are visiting has “https” or the PADLOCK sign. Example: https://kuwento.online. “s” means secure. All sensitive information, like names, birthdays, or  passwords that you enter on that particular website are encrypted and secured. This prevents man-in-the-middle attacks. Google itself, displays warnings for websites that are not equipped with “https”. Pansining mabuti ang “address bar”. Siguraduhing may “https” or PADLOCK sign ang website na binibisita. Example ay: https://kuwento.online. Lahat ng sensitibong impormasyon gaya ng pangalan, kapanganakan o passwords, na iyong ibabahagi sa website na yan ay encrypted o di kaya’y hindi bastabasta nababasa ng sinuman. Protektado ka sa tinatawag na “man-in-the-middle attacks”. Ang Google mismo ay nagbibigay ng babala, sa mga oras na ikaw ay bumisita sa isang unprotected website.

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tips for safe online banking

Example of a secure website in the address bar of a PC. Notice the Padlock sign and the “https”.


Helpful links to check out in case of illegal online banking activities.

>Here are helpful links to report to if ever you’ll encounter malicious websites. Phishing page, spam, and malware.


*Most of the tips that are stated above are applicable to Android and Windows OS and perhaps are also relevant to other platforms as well. Karamihan sa mga Tips na nasa itaas ay para sa Android at Windows OS at maaaring appplicable din sa ibang platform.

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Online Banking tips from my own experience, personal knowledge, and acquired through extensive research.

These tips will not ensure a 100% security, but will significantly improve your overall online banking experience if carefully followed. Ang mga tips sa taas ay hindi  garantiya ng 100% na seguridad, subalit labis na makakatulong sa inyong pangkalahatang online banking experience kung ang mga ito’y susunding mabuti.


Did I miss something? Please leave your suggestions and questions at the comment section below.


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* sometimes the address bar of a webpage displays a warning even though the site you are visiting is safe. This is due to ads that are being served on that particular webpage.


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