Tourist Attractions in Yingge 鶯歌 District, New Taipei City, Taiwan

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It’s been a few months since I arrived at this district in New Taipei. This place is recognized in Taiwan as its Ceramic capital.

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Here’s a list of some of the popular Tourist Attractions in Yingge 鶯歌 District that I have explored so far…

The Origin of Yingge’s Name

Did you know that this district got its name from a rock? According to a legend, Koxinga the Chinese general of the Ming Dynasty shot down a giant bird thus turning it into the stone that stands today.

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You can watch about the Yingge 鶯歌  Rock here:

If you’re fond of hiking, then try discovering the trails that this place has to offer.

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List of other Tourist Attractions in Yingge 鶯歌

>Yingge Old Street (鶯歌陶瓷老街)

High-quality ceramics can be found in here. This old street is always packed during weekends and during holidays too.

Yingge Old Street

>Yingge Ceramics Museum (新北市立鶯歌陶瓷博物館)

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The General Admission fee is 80NT$. This museum boasts of ancient and modern ceramics. It even features a timeline that indicates the origin of pottery making in Yingge. Bits of archaeological evidence taken from various parts of Taiwan are also displayed. Be aware though that taking photos as well as taking videos are prohibited inside.


New Taipei City Yingge Ceramics Museum


> Da’an 大安溪 River Cycling Route


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>Yingge Central River Sunset Trail 鶯歌環河日落步道

> San Ying Park 三鶯陶瓷河濱公園


> Yuānshān / Lushan Scenic Area 鳶山風景區

This is part of Sanxia District but this is only 6 kilometers from Yingge, so I decided to include this in the list.

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I climbed this mountain on my bike without any hint on how high this is and was completely caught off guard of its steepness. You can also hike up to the top if you prefer. If you’d rather choose to be on a scooter, then that would be better. You can park your bike/scooter upon reaching “the Bell”. Check out the video here:

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