Visa Free Entry for Filipino Tourists (Taiwan-Bound)

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Visa-Free Entry Finally Approved!

The long wait is over for the visa-free program that is intended for Filipinos who want to visit Taiwan.

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Taiwan on Tuesday announced an extension of visa-free treatment for citizens of the Philippines, Thailand, Brunei, and Russia for another year after seeing significant growth in tourist numbers from these countries thanks to the program.

According to a Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MOFA) press release, the visa free program is expected to end this coming July 2019.

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An agreement was reached to extend the program for another year, after a  cross-ministerial meeting (on May 24, 2019) attended by representatives of government units in charge of national security, the police, the investigation bureau, immigration, tourism, and the economy.

In relevance to the past visa-free program, the government saw a significant increase of tourists that visited Taiwan which allows them to stay in the country for up to fourteen (14) days.

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According to statistics from the Tourism Bureau, nationals from 18 New Southbound Policy partner countries, most of which are Association of Southeast Asian Nations countries, including the Philippines, Thailand and Brunei, made a total of 2.60 million visits to Taiwan in 2018, up 13.61 percent over the 2.29 million visits recorded a year ago.

Furthermore, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MOFA) is still considering to set another review to make sure if the program still deserves to be extended beyond its expiration date that is set in July 2020.

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Taiwan is one of the Four Tigers of Asia. It’s undeniably peaceful and wealthy, for these reasons, there are lots of migrant workers that are attracted to this nation. Most of the Taiwanese people are humble, friendly, and helpful too. Did you know that they bow just like the Japanese do? Taiwanese people “nod”, as a distinction. I personally regard this as a gesture of humility and respect.


The climate here is similar to the Philippines, except in winter which is a bit extreme. This is the reason why most of the mountains here have snowfall during this chilly season.

This island nation has LOTS of awesome tourist attractions! So, what are you waiting for? Book your tickets now and EXPLORE TAIWAN!

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Visit the Houli Flower Farm in Taichung! 

Visit Bitan Scenic Area in New Taipei

Facebook Group called ” Mga Pasyalan sa Taiwan”

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More info here <-click the link


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