Zhunan 竹南鎮 Science Park, Taiwan

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Zhunan 竹南鎮 Science Park

An aerial view of the Zhunan 竹南鎮 Science Park in Miaoli, Taiwan.

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Updated on January 27,2018

The Zhunan 竹南鎮 Science Park is situated in Dingpu Village, Zhunan, Miaoli, Taiwan.

This is a 123-hectare base that serves as a satellite park of Hsinchu Science Park and is now popularly known as Jhunan/Zhunan Science Park.

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Companies like Innolux, Impax, Tysonbio(my workplace), Mycenax, AOT, Gintech and many others can be found here. This Science Park is equipped with extensive infrastructure and public facilities.

It incorporates biotechnology, electronics and telecommunication projects.

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It currently employs thousands of workers, both locals, and foreigners of diverse origins.

Zhunan 竹南鎮 Science Park is a self-sustaining and effectual entity that it has even its own sewage system that handles rainwater and wastewater separately.

My workplace in Zhunan 竹南鎮 Science Park.

My workplace in Zhunan 竹南鎮 Science Park.

This is a modern park that is unsparingly equipped with ubiquitous bike lanes, parks, benches and public facilities.

So, if you’re just nearby and if at times you’re longing for a place intended for a cozy and a casual walk, then simply head on to this Park.

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Alternatively, you could also grab your bike instead and just aimlessly wander.

Update: YouBike in NHRI, Zhunan Science Park


There are designated bike lanes here and their ubiquitousness is quite obvious.

Taiwan’s government and its citizens strongly support cycling. There are even dedicated Cycling Routes that are strategically designated all around the island.

Cycling Route sign in Taiwan

A Cycling Route sign in Taiwan.

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Here is a free and downloadable guide, if you’ll be wishing to cycle around Taiwan. A printed version is also available, but of course, you will have to shell out some reasonable amount of money for that.

Reservoir in the park.

The reservoir inside the Park. You can see birds, fishes, and turtles here.
The trees here also shelter squirrels. Some folks do have picnics here, as well.

trees in NHRI

A relaxing spot in NHRI.

Autumn in Science Park, Taiwan.

Inside of NHRI. This image was taken last Autumn.

Another image of the Reservoir in Zhunan.

Another image of the Reservoir. This is surrounded by Eucalyptus Trees.

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Zhunan 竹南鎮 Science Park is easily accessible. If you’re from Hsinchu, you can take the bus with numbers 5801 or 5807. You can download an application that can check their location. The iBus app is both available in iOS and Android.

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Administrative Building of Zhunan Science Park.

The Administrative Building of Zhunan Science Park.

This Administrative building houses the Zhunan Postal Office, Police Station, Mega International Commercial Bank of Taiwan, and the THSR bus terminal (located on the rear side).

The THSR Shuttle buses take trips regularly. Just don’t forget to check out their website for an updated schedule. Use Easycard or Yoyo Card in order to ride this shuttle bus. You can avail of that in convenience stores like Family Mart, 7-11, etc.

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The Bullet Train/Taiwan High-Speed Railway Shuttle bus routes.

The THSR/Taiwan High-Speed Railway Shuttle bus routes.

THSR Shuttle Bus Route Sign in Zhunan 竹南鎮 Science Park.

There are actually two kinds of Shuttle buses here. These are 101 and 101A.

The 101 or the Orange Line bus originates from Zhunan 竹南鎮 Science Park Terminal Station and travels all the way through Shei-pa National Park Headquarters.

While the Black Line bus comes from Zhunan 竹南鎮 Science Park Terminal Station and travels all the way through THSR Miaoli Station ONLY. Please pay attention to that matter.

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Both buses travel vice versa. Just carefully check their schedules respectively.

This Park has also its own 7-11  Convenience Store that is conveniently located near my workplace.

7-11 Convenience Store in Zhunan 竹南鎮 Science Park.

7-11 Convenience Store in Zhunan 竹南鎮 Science Park.

The NHRI in Zhunan 竹南鎮 Science Park.


Inside the NHRI’ s compound or The National Health Research Institute.

If you’re searching for a quiet place to jog, or to just walk then try to visit the NHRI compound.

You can also bring your bike if you wish to. The scenery here is so placid and folks rarely visit this place.

A sole bench in NHRI.

One of my favorite images that were taken in NHRI.

Everyone might have initially guessed that outsiders are not welcome here. They’re absolutely wrong. Entry is allowed as long as you only have the good intention to jog or to just simply walk around.

Due to its vastness, you’ll certainly be surprised the first time you’re gonna visit this place.

You will eventually realize that it almost occupies half of Science Park. And yes, it’s beautiful inside.

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This place is really worth checking out.

firetree in Taiwan

A Fire Tree in Zhunan 竹南鎮 Science Park.

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Don’t forget to take with you, your bug spray though, to protect yourself from mosquitoes and other insects, if you’ll be here in spring or summer.

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I think it’s quite okay to bring some food or drinks here. Just don’t forget to properly throw your trash away, as there are lots of trash bins in here too.

Another image taken inside the NHRI compound in Zhunan 竹南鎮 Science Park.

Another image that was taken inside the NHRI compound.

“A Glass of Red Wine.” Something to ponder, ain’t it?

Zhunan 竹南鎮 Science Park, Miaoli, Taiwan



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