Biking and Kitesurfing in Zhunan 竹南鎮, Taiwan

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Zhunan 竹南鎮 in Taiwan actually means “Bamboo Town”.

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updated on May 07, 2018

Biking and Kitesurfing in Zhunan 竹南鎮, Taiwan

The iconic sail-like design of 龍鳳 Lóngfèng Harbor Bridge. Behind is the beach, and the spot where most people prefer to swim.

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I have no idea, why Zhunan town is called as such. What really first crossed my mind, was the abundance of bamboo in this town during the old times. And that made people call Zhunan, “The Bamboo Town”. Maybe. Who knows?

I’ve searched the web about the origin of its name and found nothing. Instead, what showed up is Changhua (located in central part of Taiwan) which is also called “bamboo town”, primarily because there was a fortress that was made out of bamboo during the ancient times.

Zhunan traditionally was a beach and a fishing community. It’s closely associated with Matsu, the sea goddess. Protector of sailors and fishermen. That’s according to Wikipedia.

docked boats in Longfeng Harbor, Zhuanan

Fishing boats are currently docked in Longfeng Harbor and I don’t see any that dares to voyage due to strong winds.

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An elevated terrace overlooking the sea at the 龍鳳Lóngfèng(Dragon Phoenix)  harbor.

龍鳳Lóngfèng means Dragon Phoenix. Right within the harbor’s vicinity are a Fish Market and several seafood restaurants.

Further south is the Bike Trail’s starting point.

The 8-kilometer,150-hectare seaside forest begins at 龍鳳 Lóngfèng Harbor(North) and ends at Zhonggang Estuary in the south.

It is known for its captivating scenery and diverse ecosystem.

Its landscape includes forest, wetlands, sand dunes, and beaches.

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Uninterrupted hiking/biking trails stretch from north to south. Outdoor sports facilities are even built along the trails.

Folks visit this recreation spot for Surfing, Kitesurfing, sightseeing, biking/exercise, picnics, observing nature or for a casual walk.

Bike trail entrance in zhunan

This is the entrance and as you enter, you will initially be greeted with dwarf Banana trees. Take note of the Pine trees too. I wonder why they’re so many in here.

central part in zhunan beach

This is the “Central” part where Spot Beach Club is located. Most visitors prefer having picnics here. Foreigners of diverse origins also frequent this place.

kitesurfing in Zhunan

Upon getting off at Zhunan Train Station, grab a taxi to get to this place. Don’t forget to take his/her contact number.

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If you are fond of surfing or perhaps on kitesurfing, then Qiding beach must be included in your itinerary.

If you’ll visit the beach, you’ll instantly notice the swells. They’re not just ordinary waves. That’s why swimming here is prohibited. That’s according to the signs that are installed on the beach.


Though some stubborn folks still do, and I’m one of them. Haha!

If you don’t know how to swim, it’ll be much better not to take your chances. Better be safe than sorry.

Anyway, if you’re new to surfing or kitesurfing, and is eager to learn, then SPOT’s in charge. They are actually located here in the Central part and are currently offering lessons(surfing) and equipment rentals.

Please check their website here.

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Spot Club location in Zhunan

The Central part. Show this image to a Taxi Driver, in case you won’t be able to find the place.

Spot Beach Club in Zhunan Beach

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If you and your friends are planning a picnic, then try the (central)spot. But be aware of the newly fitted sign though.

IT says “No BBQ/s”.

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Actually, there are numerous points where you can stay.

They are literally dispersed as you traverse the trail.

There are comfort rooms too. Be cautious though, because installed electrical outlets in restrooms are actually electrified and are usually rated 110 Volts.

Ebikes in Zhunan

E-Bikes conveniently parked under a shed. First, you’d have to have an Easycard(Yoyo card) to access them. Second, register your Easycard in kiosks that can be found at bike stations. Easycard is usually available at convenience stores like Family Mart, 7-11, OK Mart, etc.


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Check out my bike ride on Luchang Village in Nanzhuang, Miaoli

shed for resting in Zhunan

Whenever you’ll feel exhausted, there will always be rest areas such as this. You can buy beverage/s at Spot’s, but be informed that there are actually no stores along the trail. So, while hiking/biking, it’ll be wise to bring with you always a bottle of water, and of course, a little snack might be handy, as well.

Zhunan Hiking

A structure for an outdoor exercise. Go straight thru this point and you’ll eventually find a shed where you can have a picnic with your friends.

Zhunan bike trail

The bike trail.

informative signs in Zhunan bike trail

Hiking on this trail will be like an educational tour as you pass by at informative signs such as this.

Zhonggang Estuary

The end of the trail at Zhonggang estuary.

Welcome to Zhonggang Estuary, where the river actually meets the ocean. You have reached the end of the trail!

Located here is the Zhunan Incinerating Plant, a lake, and on the right side is the sea.

Kitesurfers also come to this spot.

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There are designated points where everyone can have picnics. Parking lots and restrooms are available here as well.

red bridge at a calm lake in zhunan

A red bridge at a calm lake near Zhonggang Estuary.

Zhunan power plant

The Zhunan Incinerating Plant.


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* We’re not associated with Spot Beach Club.

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